Dwarf Fortress Log #4: First Plans

February 5, 2022

The main goal of Adventurervault is to be a home for adventurers. To be able to fulfill that role there are certain requirements the outpost will have to fulfill. I've compiled a list of them that will be the base of our challenge:

All of this will have to be realized through a low number of workers – the amount of people in the outpost will have to be severly limited, so the game runs smoothly while switching to adventure mode. Thankfully you can edit the configuration file to either limit or entirely stop the migrant waves.

In the humble beginnings of the workers village, the first buildings will be made from willow wood blocks. Blocks differ from raw logs in that they are both lighter and of higher value, however cannot be used for creating furniture. They can also be stored in bins, unlike their raw materials. To make a proper amount of wood blocks, we will need to set up a few carpentry workshops. The workshops are also necessary for production of furniture and a few other useful things, such as buckets (for milking animals) and barrels (for storing beverages and food).

Other than setting up carpentry, we'll also have to eventually create farms and a farmer's workshop for Basil, a kitchen and brewery for Glaze, houses for all of the First Seven, a community hall, a training area for Hatchet, as well as a dining room and an office for Brain.

Let's get to work!