Dwarf Fortress Log #2: The Starting Seven

July 3, 2021

Let's take a look at our starting seven, shall we?

embark zooomed in

Six out of seven are actually women – unfortunately the sprites don't reflect that. In the initial view of the embark the only recognizable person is the expedition leader, shown in purple shirt of a noble. This will change soon enough as we assign jobs and roles. Every member of the outpost was given a nickname, to be able to better keep track of individual people.


I get so jealous sometimes. -Windy

portait of windy

Windy is a 34 years old bisexual female human. She was chosen by everybody as the leader of this expedition. She's a musician, specializing in wind instruments – that's where her nickname came from. Eventually she will be the main entertainer of the fort, lifting everybody's spirits with her music. Until a suitable instrument can be found for her, she will be helping out in whatever ways we need.

windy in dwarf therapist


All of this buying and selling isn't honest work. -Hatchet

portait of hatchet

Hatchet is a 26 years-old heterosexual male human. He's going to be the designated tree cutter, and later on the first member of Adventurerguard, the small military of the outpost. He's got some skill in wielding a battle axe, and a few other mercenary skills, which should serve him well as a commander.

hatchet in dwarf therapist


It is important to discover yourself. -Glaze

portait of glaze

Glaze is a 27 years-old bisexual female human. She will be the cook and the brewer, whichever one is needed more at a given moment. Her nickname is related to glazing food.

glaze in dwarf therapist


I'm doing well. -Crafty

portait of crafty

Crafty is a 22 years-old asexual female human. She has the most predisposition towards various types of crafts across the board. For now, she will be the designated carpenter, getting the initial constructions of the outpost going.

crafty in dwarf therapist


Everything's good. -Moo

portait of moo

Moo is a 35 years old heterosexual female human. She will be the person responsible for taking care of animals and transporting produce to and from the kitchens.

moo in dwarf therapist


Trade is the life-blood of a thriving society. -Brain

portait of brain

Brain is a 32 years old bisexual female human. She will be exclusively responsible for managing the outpost, taking on roles of the manager and bookkeeper. She will also take on the role of a broker when a caravan is present.

brain in dwarf therapist


There's nothing like a great romance! -Basil

portait of basil

Basil is a 27 years old heterosexual female human. She's going to be responsible for farming, gathering and processing plants.

basil in dwarf therapist

Next time, we'll take a look at our resources!